I was reminded of the lovely community in which I have sought to live when I received a wonderful answer to a seemingly simple question: “How was your week off?”

The answer from this individual included:

-two days of field research looking to gather the radio collars off recently deceased moose

-smelling a distant black bear, then seeing it much too close

-searching through a willow swamp for moose antlers on the property of one of the Yahoo co-founders, whose daughter is a student in our organization

-setting up camp in an area near a big mystery box, later discovered to be a box of dead fish used for bear baiting–upon the helpful information from “a group of hillbillies” on four-wheelers who said, “you know you’re camped right in the middle of a series of bear baits? A bear will probably be here in 20 minutes.”

-moving to a different campsite and encountering the same “hillbillies” again who informed my friend that the Sheriff was combing the area for a fugitive who had just stolen a car, crashed it in the river, and was running away on foot

-encountering said Sheriff who insisted on searching the vehicle she was using

…All in the course of two days of vacation! And for more information about this particular individual’s experiences, check out her blog.