Today marks exactly one year since I registered this blog on WordPress. I have gone from living, learning, and working on a tiny island off the coast of Maine to the Tetons of Wyoming. Now I’m getting ready to move back to New England at the end of the summer.

This blog has organized my travels and experiences through stories and photos of eccentric outdoorspeople (From Some Rubber-Booted Barbarians and Other Salty Folks), fishing trips (Living Outdoors: A Reminder of our Human-ness; “Summer” Fishing Trip: Snow, Thunder, Grayling, and Caviar; Yet Another Fishing Trip: Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, and Wildflowers), wildlife photography (Grizzly Bears, Coyotes, etc….), phenology (First Snow on the Valley Floor of Jackson Hole; Spring is Here?; Mud Season), and natural history information–all towards the greater goal of inspiring people to care about the great outdoors.

Thanks to all my followers and supporters across cyberspace! Here’s to another great year!