I just finished up my short season as an interpretive park ranger at one of our nation’s finest national parks. Beyond leading programs on wolverines and geology, I also had the exciting opportunity to work at the information desk at the park’s biggest Visitor Center.  I experienced some hysterical questions, requests, and comments throughout the summer. Enjoy!

  • Have scientists learned how to speak with moose?
  • (Man shows me a picture on his camera) What are these little beasties I saw running around?
    • Ground Squirrels
  • What’s the difference between an elk and a moose?
  • Which direction did we come from?
    • I don’t know, where did you come from?
  • There’s a scorpion outside. You should come check it out.
    • That’s a bat.
  • Question of the Day: What is the fastest animal in the world?
    • Visitor Answer: Moose.
    • Fastest in the world? (most people at least say cheetah)
    • Yeah, moose. (Correct answer is peregrine falcon; they can dive up to 200mph.)
  • Odd request: my mother’s pants are falling down; do you have any string? I couldn’t find a belt in the bookstore.
    • Would safety pins work?
    • No, definitely not.
    • Ok, I’ll see what I can find…
  • (Woman extends cash to me on the trail) Can I buy a candy bar from you? (turns out I’m not a vending machine)
  • (Man shows me a close-up picture of a yellow-bellied marmot) Is this a porcupine? (I don’t know, does it have giant pointy quills? No? Not a porcupine then…)
  • Were the glaciers you have in the park donated?

Taggart Lake