“Maine is a joy in the summer. But the soul of Maine is more apparent in the winter.” –Paul Theroux

While inland New England is in the throes of mud season, when outdoor recreation feels limited to walks and bike-rides on paved surfaces due to the hard pack of icy snow on any trails and the deep mud wherever snow has melted, heading to the coast has its perks. I have never been one to enjoy the tourist-ridden beaches of Southern Maine (northern Massachusetts), but last week I was involved in a project that took me over to Wells, ME. I had completed the project by early afternoon so my colleague and I decided to take the scenic route back into New Hampshire. We stopped at York Beach and the Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick and saw less than 10 other people!

Cold, wet sand stuck to my feet, my toes turned pink in the frigid water, and salt clung to my tongue (I licked the ocean). I even skipped a little across the beach and took touristy photos without any summer people in them.

Nubble Light Cape Neddick (1) York Beach