Last spring I finally purchased a game camera. Always intrigued by the creatures that lurk near my dwelling when I am not looking, this camera gives me an observational opportunity to discover the unknown. This camera can take photos 24 hours a day based on motion sensing or at regular time intervals. This summer I was able to experiment with the timelapse feature. I set up the camera several times on different trees on Straight Bay, Maine, where the tides exceed twenty feet and shift about one foot every 15 minutes.

Below is the result of one of my timelapse experiments this summer: a four minute video revealing the changes in the tide, clouds, and sunset on July 31, 2015 on Straight Bay. I set the camera to take one photo every 15 minutes from 11:30am until 8:30pm.

Tips for aspiring game camera timelapse enthusiasts:

  • The size of the tree matters. Even on the seemingly sturdy 4″ diameter poplar upon which I mounted my camera, the wind still shifted the angle so that the horizon did not remain straight or consistent between photos.
  • Even the best game cameras do not capture the rich colors of a sunset.
  • A time interval of less than 15 minutes would capture cloud movements much more fluidly.