Below is an account of day 6 of 8 days paddling the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine in August 2015. Check back each week for the next 2 weeks to read the next days of the adventure! 

Sweeney Brook to Five Finger South:

Dense fog covered the river this morning. We still had at least 100 feet of visibility, however. I got a bit of a chill for the first time this trip and did not even have to wear a hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen for an hour or so for the first time, too. We saw three moose enshrouded with fog, an eagle, and a couple herons.

Foggy Moose

We enjoyed the paddle through the stunning thick fog that cooled our skin with each stroke. A mystery surrounded every bend.

Allagash Fog

We came into Round Pond with the last blankets of fog highlighting the elm trees that escaped the Dutch Elm disease during the mid 1900s due to the cold temperatures that hinder that particular beetle host in these northern reaches of Maine.

Elm Trees
Elm Trees on the Allagash

We paddled near the Ranger Station to learn that no weather-band station worked here. The ranger also told us that there might be thunderstorms again this evening (there weren’t) and to keep to the left through the Round Pond rips. We got through the rips with adrenaline but no struggle. They were much slower moving than Chase Rapids.

Round Pond (2)
Round Pond

We cruised along to Five Finger South campsite, open and breezy with good shady areas and a sandy beach. There were also clouds of blackflies there, despite being this late in August. We ate lunch and set up camp as quick as possible, then walked up river so we could float back to our campsite in the strong current several times. A refreshing swim indeed.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with pants tucked into socks and a bug jacket cinched around my nose and eyes in any open area of the campsite, while mosquitoes (in fewer numbers) found me quickly in the woods. It was around 90 degrees, yet we made a smokey fire with grasses and leaves to dissuade the bugs. Oddly enough, all bugs diminished in the evening. We were in our tents before dark, however, watching a ragged crescent moon and listening to a great horned owl hoot and a moose splash in the river yet again.

Five Finger South

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